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All About Dr. Monique

Dr. Monique is a doctorate-level, dually licensed behavioral health professional with a specialty in integrated behavioral health encouraging and guiding others to make healthy behavioral changes.
She provides services in English and Spanish.

What was Dr. Monique's path to becoming a therapist?

I originally wanted to be a lawyer but life happened and I experienced some trauma, had a child, helped find someone to guide me through her trauma, and figured that after being on the “other side of the couch,” I wanted to create a safe space where clients can come and not feel judged. I’ve worked in a plethora of settings, from jails to hospitals and everything in between. I feel like I’ve heard it all before, so nothing comes as a surprise to me. I’ve learned to create a safe space for others to be their authentic selves so they can take off their “masks” and just be them - whatever that is.

What should someone know about working with Dr. Monique?

I work from a philosophy of honesty, transparency, and authenticity. I hold clients accountable for their actions and support them through their journeys of self-discovery by using what I refer to as, "compassionate confrontation." I usually assign homework to clients in an effort to motivate behavioral change and consistency of new habits.

What does Dr. Monique specialize in?

I specialize in immigration evaluations, high-conflict custody/couple cases, therapeutic support for adult sex workers (including FSSWers), and sex trafficking survivors.

What does Dr. Monique do to continue learning and building competencies as a provider?

 I maintain my education by attending webinars, workshops, and in-person training events. I enjoy learning about all topics, especially how to improve my current skill set. I try to collaborate with other providers worldwide to learn best practices, embrace new skills, and network.

What is some regular stuff about Dr. Monique?

  • A proud part of the Latinx community

  • Born and raised in the "Old Pueblo" 

  • Mother to very different daughters

  • Wife to a supportive husband

  • Has eclectic spiritual interests

  • Loves trying new restaurants, especially if they're locally owned, sourced, & operated

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