About Me

Dr. Monique N. Martinez-Quiros, DBH, MS, LCPC, LPC, NCC

My name is Dr. Monique and I am a doctorate-level, dually licensed (NV & AZ) behavioral health professional with a specialty in integrated behavioral health encouraging and guiding others to make healthy behavioral changes.

My expertise is guiding clients to make the changes they need in order to be the best version of themselves by creating a personalized plan in order to sustain healthy lifestyle changes through appropriate nutrition and psychological wellbeing via traditional counseling and virtual reality

My top 6 niches/specialties are high conflict issues, child conduct disorders, life transitions, the adult industry and sex workers, integrative behavioral health (e.g. chronic pain, disease management, lifestyle medicine, etc), and virtual reality exposure therapy

On a more intimate note, I am originally from the "Old Pueblo" in AZ, Latinx, have two children, a husband, enjoy trying new local restaurants, and have eclectic spiritual interests. 



University of Arizona, 2009, Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and Criminal Justice with a Thematic Emphasis is a combination of Communication, Linguistics, & Psychology

Walden University, 2013, Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling with an Emphasis in Crisis & Trauma

Arizona State University, 2018, Doctor of Behavioral Health with a Specialized Focus on

Decreasing Risk Factors for Metabolic Syndrome Among  

Youth and Adolescent Behavioral Health Patients with Engaged Parents/Guardians 

Nevada LCPC #CP-3073

Arizona LPC #LPC-20444