Executive Coaching & Client Coaching

Coaching is a results-focused and goal-oriented process to help you create what you want across areas like personal and/or professional growth, financial well-being, as well as professional and personal development.

What's the difference between client coaching and executive coaching?

The focus is different for each: Client Coaching focuses on the personal aspects of an individual and Executive Coaching focuses on the professional aspects of a business or entrepreneur.

How do I know if I need Client Coaching or Therapy/Counseling?

If you are experiencing a clinical need like depression or anxiety, we will recommend working with a therapist in addition to, or instead of coaching.

You can maybe think about it as the difference between seeing an orthopedic surgeon and a physical therapist. If you have broken your leg, you should see a surgeon since they are uniquely qualified to support you. But if you’ve sprained your ankle, a physical therapist is a much better fit. Not only would seeing a surgeon be more intense than you need, but physical therapists are better trained to help you regain strength and mobility.

In this metaphor, therapists/counselors serve as the surgeon and coaches serve as the physical therapist.

What are some basic benefits of coaching (both types)?

  1. Coaching allows you to move from current thinking, behaviors, and performance to expanded thinking and enhanced performance.

  2. Improve work attitudes and goal-directed self-regulation and attainment.

  3.  Increased job satisfaction and work engagement.

  4.  Improved perception of strategic alignment of job.

  5.  Improved perception of work-culture support.

  6.  Improved quality of communication.

How much is coaching (both types)?

Dr. Monique provides coaching for 50-60 minutes each session (rather than the traditional 30-minutes) and the rate is $90* per session. 

*Traditionally, neither type of coaching is covered by insurance benefits. This is an OUT OF POCKET cost.