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Counseling v Coaching v Consultation

Dr. Monique offers counseling (also known as therapy), coaching, and consultation.

The biggest difference among the three are who holds the power:

In counseling the client invests their power into the counselor and the counselor then helps the client re-empower themselves;

In consulting the consultant holds the power b directing and guiding the relationship; while,

In coaching the client holds the power.

Counseling Offered

Dr. Monique as a counselor/therapist helps you uncover and recover to make changes in your life. She helps you reconigze patterns in your life that  she will guide you through recovering from as well as rule out or confirm mental and/or behavioral health issues.

Coaching Offered

Dr. Monique offers business and/or executive coaching focused on strategy. She helps you improve processes and offers solutions to current challenges while maintaining accountability to ensure a successful outcome and simultaneously improving your ability to lead in current role.

Consultation Offered

Dr. Monique as a business consultant takes a more individualized hands-on approach, providing specific solutions for your business itself. This often ranges from compliance issues, ethics, policies, procedures, best practices, risk evaluations, the standard of care, audit support, remediation, etc.

Dr. Monique is able to provide guidance to clinicians, businesses, and attorneys to ensure that clinical processes, protocols, and documentation complies with state rules, regulations, and statutes.

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