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I’ve compiled a list of the most frequent questions that I have received over my career. It’s normal and encouraged for clients to ask many questions when choosing to work with a Licensed Mental Health Service Provider. Here are some answers to the questions I receive the most. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, but only for certain commercian (non-Medicaid, non-Medicare) plans: check your eligibility here

Please note that all court-ordered required treatment will be denied by commercial insurance as it is no longer a therapeutic need but a legal need; thus only private pay rate is accepted for these cases (out-of-pocket costs). 

What if you don't take my insurance, what is the rate then?

Service rates can be found here

Monthly package rates can be found here 

What do you specialize in?

My top niches are life transitions, adult industry & sex workers, sex trafficking survivors, high conflict custody issues, & immigration evaluations while using an integrative lens. 

The above areas are populations that I have decided to take extra focus.

Do you see children?

At this time, the only children Dr. Monique sees is if they are a party in a high conflict custody case. 

All other children can be seen on an individual or group basis at UNLV PRACTICE on a sliding scale. Dr. Monique is the Youth Program Coordinator at their clinic that caters to children, youth, and adolescents.

Tardiness and Cancellations

  • All charges are processed 24 hours prior to the appointment date.  

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment it will have to be rescheduled and you will be charged the full fee for that appointment regardless of whether or not you have insurance.  

  • If you miss your scheduled appointment you will be charged the full fee for that appointment regardless of whether or not you have insurance. 

  • You are responsible for missed appointment fees and document fees.

  •  Your first appointment will require a deposit. That deposit will be forfeited and the appointment will be canceled if you do not fill out the required paperwork and payment authorization 24 hours prior to your appointment. An alternative appointment time will also be explored and that deposit will be transferred to the new date.If you cancel with less than 24-hours notice* of your appointment time you will be charged the full fee for that appointment. 

  • If you cancel with more than a 24-hour notice there will be no fee charged.

Why is the intake more expensive than a regular session?

During an intake with Dr. Monique, she obtains a thorough history of previous behavioral, medical, psychiatric, and social health information from you.

This intake takes about 90 minutes and gives you each an opportunity to determine if Dr. Monique is the best fit for you. Starting therapy is a very intimate and rewarding journey but NOT if it's with the wrong person (like a bad relationship- platonic, workplace, or intimate). 

The intake is an opportunity for both you & Dr. Monique to determine if you’re a good fit for one another. If not, Dr. Monique will provide you with 2-3 community referrals to other providers or agencies that may be a better fit.

Have a question that was left unanswered? Get in touch today 24/7.

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