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Convenience, Flexibility, & Accessibility

Below are COUNSELING/THERAPY packages available.

These do not include couples.

Packages are for one identified client only.


Monthly Plans for Counseling/Therapy

  • Bronze Package

    Every month
    Refresher Plan w/ Text Support
    • Includes 1 in-person or virtual session
    • Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday
    • Texting support between 9am-4pm M-F
  • Silver Package

    Every month
    3x a Month w/ Text Support
    • Includes 3 monthly session, in-person or virtual
    • Available on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday
    • Text support 8am-8pm, M-F
  • Gold Package

    Every month
    Once a Week w/ Text Support
    • Includes 4 in-person or virtual sessions per month
    • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday
    • Text support M-Saturday 8am-10pm
    • 1 Off-Site Appointment Available
  • Diamond Package

    Every month
    Up to 8 sessions per month at whatever location (virtual or on-site if in Las Vegas)
    • Response via email or text 24/7.
    • Access to all Diamond level appointment times.
    • Up to 8 sessions per month (virtual, on-, off-site).
    • Full Week Availability.

Once selected, your plan will renew monthly until you cancel it.

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