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Getting Over An Adjustment? How to Regain Your Life and Power

Everyone deals with a setback in life. Even if you have been fortunate enough to avoid a major setback thus far, life remains unpredictable, and downtime brings about changes that may not be welcome. It’s during these adjustments that you’ve likely gotten creative in many ways and/or made transitions that you never expected just to cope. That said, it’s only fair that you take back some of your power, too. Key Rose shares a few ways you can do it.

Taking Your Career to the Next Level

In the not-so-distant past, social distancing affected just about every aspect of daily living. The way we work, in particular, changed almost overnight. The traditional office setting was almost completely wiped out. In its place, working from home has become the norm for many people, forcing both companies and individuals to adopt creative ways to keep productivity high.

Many have also been forced to explore new career options as businesses they worked for closed shop. Those looking to switch careers are even finding that job hunting is no longer the very intimate endeavor it once was. Rather, most applications and interviews these days are now conducted through online video conferencing.

Starting a Business

Many people are striking out on their own to start a business. This forces them to learn all the different ins and outs, such as putting together a business plan, securing funding for their project, learning how to start an LLC with the state (there are typically five steps involved), and marketing themselves on social media.

Having a Baby

While having a baby can be a joyous event, it can also cause new moms to question many things about their bodies, lives, and goals. Find small ways to feel in control and like yourself, whether it’s continuing a weekly lunch with friends, turning a morning run into a brisk walk, or continuing with your educational goals. And invest in a few comfortable labor and delivery gowns so that you feel like yourself even while at the hospital - because no one feels powerful in the skimpy gowns that tie in the back.

Once the baby is born, allow yourself to pause and figure out who you are as a mom. You are still you, but you may also feel different. Then, find ways to slowly get back to the other parts of you that you loved pre-baby. You will still be yourself, but now there are simply more facets of your identity to love.

Getting a Pet

The pandemic saw a sharp increase in pet adoptions. With more people working remotely and spending more time at home, the opportunity to add a furry family member became commonplace. While the fervor for adopting has slowed down, there remain plenty of animals still needing forever homes. If you’re looking for unconditional love and a new companion, adopting a cat or dog could be a perfect choice. Often shelter adoptions include spaying or neutering, first rounds of vaccines, and any necessary healthcare, which offsets some of the initial costs of adoption. You can further save on pet supplies and foods when you turn to review sites that offer insight into items like harnesses, pet beds, pet insurance and more.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

And just as you’ve proven to be quite adept at taking care of yourself, you should also give your mind and heart much-needed TLC. The negativity and uncertainty surrounding unfortunate events can really take a toll on your emotional and mental health. For many, meditation has proven to work wonders in calming the heart and mind amid the noise and fear of the world. Getting into the habit is easy enough to do, as well, as it doesn’t take too much time. Best of all, as points out, the tools that can guide you in the process are often available for free, so you need not even spend a dime to feel better.

You can also try a new technology-based method that involves using virtual reality to manage stress and anxiety. Dr. Monique at Key Rose, LLC. can walk you through the process and help you get back to feeling like the powerful person you are.

The one thing we can rely on in life is that things change. Perhaps this is an opportunity to see strength where you didn’t know you had it before. But don’t lose your old power in the process. If you remain focused on who you are and what you love, you will always find ways to regain your life and power.

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