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Counseling Bundles
*If you're not ready for a bundle please schedule an intake & Dr. Monique will go over hourly options 


Initial Assessment $175 (90 minutes)

Dr. Monique offers an initial intake and assessment session that lasts 90 minutes. During this session, you will have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Monique and determine if she is a good fit for you. If she is, the she will work with you to create a preliminary treatment plan and recommend the number of sessions needed to meet your goals.


Budget Plan 

  • Includes 1 in-person or virtual session 

  • Texting and/or e-mail support between    9am-5pm M-F



  • Includes 3 monthly sessions, in-person or virtual 

  • Text and/or email support 8am-8pm, M-F


  • Includes 4 in-person or virtual sessions per month 

  • Text and/or email support M-Saturday 8am-10pm

  • 1 Off-Site Appointment Available



  • Up to 8 sessions per month (Virtual) or in Las Vegas, NV then in-person as well

  • Response via email or text 24/7

  • Accessibility to all Diamond level appointment times.

  • Full Week Availability.


Court Ordered Services

Please provide the court order, stipulation, or minute entry to Dr. Monique at to ensure that you sign up for the correct type of service, as these services are frequently court-ordered.


$300 for each initial assessment then $200 for each subsequent RT session:

Typically each parent and child requires their own initial assessment

Parent Coaching

Support for separated or divorced parents to collaborate effectively, covering communication, conflict resolution, child development, and fostering a positive co-parenting relationship. Aimed at minimizing conflict, enhancing cooperation, and promoting the well-being of the children involved.

Parental coordination

Parent coordination services, facilitated by a neutral third party, assist divorced or separated parents in resolving disputes and making decisions regarding their children's well-being. This often involves a quasi-judicial appointed professional, and while a court order is common, it's not always necessary if both parties agree to these services.

Court-ordered therapy is often a streamlined process addressing specific issues, prioritizing efficiency, and gaining insights, particularly in high-conflict custody situations and the well-being of a child/children's mental health. This process often results in a report that is submitted to the Court to assist them in their decision-making process.

Evil Eye with Green Thread

Taking New NV CPC & MFT Interns for Secondary Supervision

Secondary supervision in counseling/therapy involves seeking additional guidance or consultation from a qualified professional beyond the primary supervisor. This practice provides licensed CPC and MFT interns with diverse perspectives, specialized expertise, and opportunities for professional growth. It can focus on case consultation, ethical decision-making, and enhancing clinical skills, contributing to ongoing learning and the delivery of high-quality mental health services.

Business Coaching

Business coaching aims to enhance performance, develop skills, and achieve professional goals within a work context. It differs from counseling or therapy, which primarily addresses personal and emotional issues to improve mental health and overall well-being. Business coaching focuses on improving specific aspects of professional life, such as leadership skills, career advancement, and overall business performance, through goal setting, action planning, and feedback.

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