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Love Video Games? Here Are Tips That Can Help You Turn That Into a Career

Video games are one of the fastest-growing forms of entertainment. Data suggests that, in the US, the player base increases about 1% annually, while Twitch viewers have been increasing by nearly 20% annually. With increasing numbers of players and fans, there's never been a better time to be part of this developing field. It can be challenging to figure out how to turn one's love of video games into a career, but Key Rose shares several steps you can take.

Types of Video Game Careers

The most obvious career choice is to become part of the game development process itself. These jobs include programmers who can code in C++ or other software languages and artists and animators who create characters, scenes and animations to go into games.

While designing games and developing gaming technology is part of the most common game-related careers, you can also work as a journalist covering video games or a lawyer specializing in video game law.

There are a host of other potential careers within the video game industry. MasterClass mentions careers like concept artists, writers, and localizers are careers within the process of video game production that don’t necessarily involve coding.

Skills for Gaming Careers

The most important skills for developing games include creative problem-solving, critical thinking, and understanding modern gaming technology. The first two skills can actually be developed by playing video games themselves! There are many courses you can take to learn about the process of developing video games. You may also want to get familiar with the hardware components of modern gaming consoles so you know how to design games available on these systems.

Ways to Boost Your Resume

One of the best ways to show that you are serious about game development is by building up your resume. This can include creating mods for existing games, blogging or tweeting about gaming news, or even starting your own YouTube channel teaching others how to play specific video games. Additionally, look for an internship in the industry. The right brand or background on your resume can make all the difference in where you land your first gaming job.

Once you've developed some experience in game development, you can show how you've helped build up your video game resume by creating a portfolio. This can include videos from YouTube, screenshots from specific games you've made, and even code you've written.

Skill Development for Careers in Video Games

Any tech skills required for success in the video game industry can be learned by furthering your education with professional development. As you grow in your career as a developer, you may be interested in how a certified Scrum Master course can help you. Your team may use the Scrum framework as part of its development process, and you can add value to your team and career by becoming a certified Scrum Master. In 30 hours of coursework, you’ll learn valuable skills that will help you going forward.

Achieve Your Dream Career

The right skills and education can take you to the finish line of your goal of becoming a video game designer. You can attend online Scrum classes, work a part-time internship, and build your resume to develop the profile necessary to succeed in something you love.

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